X-Vac is a leading manufacturer of hydro excavators, which use water and vacuum technology to safely and reliably excavate underground areas, particularly in challenging environments where there is the concern for preventing damage to underground pipelines and utilities.


X-Vac hydro excavators come in five models, the X-6X-8X-12, X-13, and X-15, all of which are designed to the highest technical and quality standards.




The single-axle X-6 Hydro Excavator has a powerful 3400 CFM @ 16”Hg vacuum blower with a small footprint. The 570-gallon water capacity and 10 GPM @ 2000 PSI Triplex water pump assures that all hydro excavation needs will be met effectively and efficiently.



The tandem axle X-8 offers more debris capacity than the X-6 but still is a small enough footprint to be ideal for utility work including utility location and potholing.



X-12 Hydro Excavator Trucks use state-of-the-art water pump and vacuum technology to safely locate and expose any type or size of underground utilities. Soil, sand and rock are quickly, safely and neatly excavated.



The new X-13 is perfect for off-highway applications where weight is not as much of a concern. The X-13 can carry 13 cubic yards of debris and it has available a payload capacity of 23,000 before bridge law tolls are exceeded. 



The X-15 offers all the same benefits as the X-12 but with a larger debris tank (15 cubic yards) and increased water capacity (1425 gallons total). The X-15 offers minimal breakdowns and less downtime due to high quality construction and components.


X-Vac is a global leader in innovative vacuum excavation systems providing a proven, non-destructive method to excavate underground areas.

For more than 30 years, X-Vac has provided leading hydro excavation trucks specifically designed for the demands of specialty contractors and municipalities throughout the world. X-Vac vacuum excavators are designed by industry experts to provide unsurpassed performance for a wide range of excavating applications, including excavation of soil and rock while carefully locating and exposing underground utility systems.

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